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5 Key Components for an Amazing STEM Teaching Moment by WWIMS!

  1. Student-Centered: Student-centered learning experiences lead to conceptual understanding through the full exploration of concepts and student misconceptions in a way that passive learning cannot.
  1. Presented in a Creative way: Creativity allows students access the content from a variety of perspectives and gives them the opportunity to express their ideas in an authentic way.
  1. Transferrable to Other Content Areas and Interdisciplinary: Connecting concepts to a broader context makes learning more meaningful and is more likely be retained because it is integrated into students’ schema.
  1. Opportunities for Expansion: Expanding provides opportunities for students to take their learning beyond an individual lesson or project. Students can then problem solve to understand others’ ideas.
  1. Positive Classroom Culture: Providing a safe space where students are encouraged to make their thinking public. This allows them to challenge their thinking while addressing misconceptions.