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The JUNO Bunch

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5 Key Components for an Amazing STEM Teaching Moment by The Juno Bunch!

  1. Student Generated Questions: When crafting questions themselves, students become invested and examples are authentic. Students develop confidence in new topics when able to step into the teacher role.
  1. Real-World Examples and Applications: Lessons include concrete examples students have been exposed to in their day-to-day environment. This hooks the students and assists conceptual understanding.
  1. Kinesthetic Component: STEM learning incorporates movement or other types of hands-on activities which deepen understanding of a concept.
  1. Cooperative Learning: STEM learning requires different opinions and views for discussion. A cooperative group of students with different backgrounds will provide the different views.
  1. Multiple Modalities: Involves providing diverse presentations and experiences of the content so that students use different senses and different skills during a single lesson.