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5 Key Ingredients for an Amazing STEM Teaching Moment by STEMformers!

  1. Collaboration Among Students: Sharing ideas and wonderings, verbalizing their understanding in a small, safe setting. They are building their understanding and confidence through group work and individual work.
  1. Inquiry-based learning: By posing questions rather than simply presenting facts, students are driven to solve something rather than just memorize.
  1. Deeper thinking/reasoning: Conceptual understanding must be evident within lessons. Students must reason with their inquiries in order to challenge misconceptions and confirm newer claims.
  1. Student Choice: Helps students meet their innate need to feel competent, to belong, to have some autonomy, and allows them to work from different strengths, and interest.
  1. Multi-modal (active, auditory, visual, etc.): Learning is the active process of students constructing knowledge. Knowledge construction happens differently for each student, thus students engaging in various ways increases learning.