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5 Key Ingredients for an Amazing STEM Teaching Moment by Snatraps!


  1. Collaboration: Collaboration occurred in every lesson, in variety. Student groups problem solved real-world models. We, teachers, consulted professionals outside our discipline, pre-assessing student ability making content relevant.
  2. Student-Centered: Each activity allowed students to generate and hone their own learning. The teacher’s role in each activity was minimal. This freedom increased engagement and student investment.
  3. Across Different Content (extended): Having lessons go across content areas helped students relate to the lesson; deepening understanding. Incorporating other content areas encourages extensions into the real world.
  4. Hands-on/Visual: All of the Amazing STEM lessons displayed hands – on technology to convey the concepts which allows participants to access the learning.
  5. Inquiry-Based/Problem Solving: All of our lessons encompassed lessons in which students had to solve a problem by posing questions to themselves and to each other.