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5 Key Components for an Amazing STEM Teaching Moment by Team SIMBA!

  1. Gets at Deeper Concepts: Complex topics are presented as building blocks for students to discover and apply understandings in current and future learning situations.
  1. Real-World Connection: Phenomenon based lessons are more engaging. These lessons require students to tap into their prior knowledge, ask questions, experiment, and defend their ideas.
  1. Interactive: Lessons are student-centered and includes hands-on, engaging activities. Student involvement is demonstrated in individual and collaborative work which includes checking for understanding and discussion.
  1. Evidence of Reflection and Refinement: Teacher thinks deeply about the lesson, trying out ideas, incorporating feedback and refining. The lesson may look simple, but requires much thought into learning outcomes.
  1. Cross-Curricular: Each lesson could cover multiple disciplines to enhance the understanding of the subject in order to access big picture ideas.