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5 Key Ingredients for an Amazing STEM Teaching Moment by Dream STEAM Team!

  1. Hands-on: Abstract ideas and concepts are made concrete through the use of manipulative tools constructed from everyday items. Students learn by creating an authentic product.
  1. Higher-order thinking: The problem solving challenge is open-ended so that students are left with new questions at the end of the lesson. These questions lead to new opportunities for investigation.
  1. Models: Students gain understanding through building and refining conceptual or physical models. Models are explanations of the natural world and allow for further predictions or questions.
  1. Student-centered: Lessons draw on student interests and experiences. Students are placed in an exploratory role to discover STEM ideas, leading them to an “aha” moment.
  1. Cross-curricular: STEM lessons allow for connections with other disciplines or fields. Students can apply their learning into different contents.