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5 key ingredients for an Amazing STEM Teaching Moment by CremedelaSTEAM!

  1. Hands-on Engagement: Students have easy access to the lesson immediately by playing with manipulatives to discover patterns, relationships, and to wonder in order to develop conceptual understandings.
  1. Interdisciplinary Activity: The activity inspires other teachers to bring their content knowledge/focus into the activity; promotes rich cross-curricular connections.
  1. Real-World Connections: Students have opportunities to connect their learning to how the human race has used these same tools to evolve into the society we are today.
  1. Prior Knowledge: Teachers assess their students’ prior knowledge while simultaneously introducing new content and drawing on their students’ previous experiences as a point of engagement.
  1. Collaboration: Students work interdependently to solve problems bigger than themselves and benefit from each individual’s perspective rooted in their diverse cultural, experiential, and socio-economic backgrounds.