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This book (and the program that helped create it) is the result of the hard work and effort of a large team of people. First and foremost, none of this would have been possible without the generous support of Wipro Ltd., and their commitment to education in the STEM disciplines, particularly in urban districts such as Chicago. We would specifically like to thank Anurag Behar of Wipro, and the Azim Premji Foundation for their efforts in making this project a reality.

We are also grateful to Microsoft for their donation of Surface Pro tablets for the first and the second cohorts of teachers in our program. A special thanks to Dr. Jim Ptaszynski, and Jacqueline Russell for helping make this happen.
We would also like to thank Chicago Public Schools for their partnership. In particular, we would like to mention Aarti Dhupelia, Chief Officer of College and Career Success; Dakota Pawlicki, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Projects; Litrea Hunter, Chicago based recruitment and sustainability coordinator; and Lana Brown, outreach specialist, for their kind support. This has been a genuine partnership between MSU and CPS and these individuals are among many who have made this possible.

There are numerous people at Michigan State University and the College of Education (too numerous to mention) who have helped in ways large and small in making this project a reality. We would like to specially thank Dean Robert Floden for his support, Marcy Wallace for helping navigate the intricacies of budgets and other red-tape, and Jessica Pham and Heather Johnson for administrative support.

The planning, technology, and evaluation team at MSU consisted of (in alphabetical order) Inese Berzina-Pitcher, Swati Mehta, and Christopher Seals. This book was the brain-child of Punya Mishra and the instructional team, which includes Missy Cosby, Akesha Horton, Candace Marcotte, Rohit Mehta, and Kyle Shack. Swati Mehta took the lead in providing feedback and shepherding the writing process, cleaning up and organizing documents in consistent format. Thanks also to Jonah Magar and Julie Taylor, Expresso Book Machine coordinators at MSU Libraries, for helping with the printing process. The book was designed by Smita Sawai-Mishra. We would also like to thank the leadership team at MSU: Dr. Punya Mishra, Dr. Sonya Gunnings-Moton, and Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf. Their commitment to excellence in teaching in general, and to urban education in specific, can be felt in every aspect of the program.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to the 50 teachers who are the third cohort of the 2016-2017 MSU-Wipro Urban STEM Teaching and Leadership fellows. This project runs on their shoulders. The 50 reflections in this book are testimony to their creativity, passion, and concern for excellence in STEM learning. They often work in challenging contexts with multiple pressures on their time and energy. It has been our privilege to work with them and learn from them and we thank them for giving us this opportunity.

The MSU-Wipro Urban STEM Fellowship 2015 Teaching Team
(Punya Mishra, Missy Cosby, Akesha Horton, Candace Marcotte, Rohit Mehta, & Kyle Shack)
September 2016, East Lansing, MI