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Suzan Kheireddin

Suzan Kheireddin


Ms. Kheireddin has been teaching since 2011. She graduated from University of Illinois with a B.S. in Elementary Education with a concentration in Biology. She also has a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in English as a Second Language. Rock climbing is a sport that she holds close to her heart. 


Amazing Teaching Moment

My lessons were taught to my 1st grade students and focused on the Plant Cycle. This unit lasted approximately 7.5 weeks. There were several adaptations to the lessons due to the discovery of several misconceptions my students held. Going into the Plant Cycle Unit, I discovered that many students were making statements that were a bit mind-boggling to me. After realizing that my students have not had formal lessons on plants in Kindergarten, I decided to dig a bit deeper to understand what my students “understood” about plants. Younger students are sold on certain ideas and are very much willing to stick to these ideas because they were taught them at a very young age through movies, games, story books, friends, and family members.

Consequently, I went back to the drawing board to determine how to lay out the lessons at hand. I wanted my students to have a conceptual understanding of how plants grow; I did not wish to see students memorize certain facts or concepts and not know the “why” behind them. My students were exposed to proper science vocabulary, real-world objects related to plants, student choice in experiments, and students dug into reading and writing about plants on their very own. They all were driven behind the “why” in terms of plants. Students brought in many questions that they have been pondering about plants, and they were lead to experiment and research to find their answers. No longer was I feeding facts to my students, rather it was an environment in which they were all driven behind their very OWN questions. The very “aha” moment was when I observed all of my students working alongside their peers on a mission to find out WHY!


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