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Ladd Perina

Ladd Perina


Mr. Perina has been a CPS teacher for over twenty years. He has taught Radio TV, Wood Shop, Drafting (traditional and modern), Exploring Computer Science, and a variety of Science classes. His philosophy is to make learning fun and interesting. To make the student a lifelong learner. To connect to the neighborhood, he teaches GED in the evenings to adults. He has spent six years in the Air Force which has taught him the power of hard work and mindfulness. These traits he tries to instill in his students daily.


Amazing Teaching Moment

For students who are more visual learners drafting is the class for them. It has elements of all the core subjects built into it. I always tell my students they can become architects, engineers, designer or special effects experts. Sometimes the AutoCAD program can be a little intimidating to the students so to make 2D, orthographic and 3D a little friendlier I have the students build whatever they want out of blocks, small stone tiles or even Legos. Students have an instinctual way to build something when given these items. It is truly fun to watch. After they have finished their personal construction I have them sketch the construction in three views front, right and top. After they have mastered that we then try sketching the three views into one 3D isometric drawing. Once we have discovered the wow factor we then move on to the AutoCAD program. Visualizing 3D objects in one’s mind is not an easy task. But with practice, we can literally change the way we see the world in our heads.


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