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Welcome to Amazing STEM!

This website and book are dedicated to teachers everywhere.


50 Chicago Public School teachers. 50 amazing teaching moments in the STEM disciplines.
10 team lists of key ingredients for developing your own amazing STEM teaching moments. 1 Book. 1 Website.


Every educator has had an amazing teaching moment. It is that magical moment, when the topic comes to life and the energy in the classroom is palpable. These are moments that we cannot help but share — we run out and corner the first person we meet and insist on telling them about it. These are the stories that give meaning to our professional lives. The 50 educators that comprise Cohort 3 of the MSU-WIPRO STEM & Leadership Teaching Fellowship program have reflected on, written up, and curated such moments and the culmination of this is sharing it with you, in book and website form.

The Book — You will find the ebook publication embedded below. The book is divided into 10 teams. Within each team you will find five individual amazing teaching moments. At the end of each teams moments, you will find a list of five key ingredients that each team has identified. To create these lists, teams looked across their diverse teaching moments to identify themes and ideas that cut across their stories. These themes or “key ingredients” can provide other educators with the tools to craft their own amazing teaching moments.

The Website — As you peruse the book, you will notice hashtags accompanying each fellow’s amazing teaching moment. To truly appreciate the hypertextual structure of the book, we have developed this website. Here are some pointers on how to take advantage of these features:

  • Fellows’ Groups — You will find that you can view each team by clicking on the dropdown menu labeled, “Fellows’ Groups” at the top of this page. On each of these team pages, you will find a list of team members that links you to their amazing teaching moments. You will also find a list of the five key ingredients to an amazing STEM teaching moment that each team developed.
  • Categories — You may choose to view the individual amazing teaching moments by discipline or pedagogical approach through the menu and sub-menus above. Be sure to also click on the general discipline, as some amazing teaching moments will not be found through specific sub-menus.
  • Tags —  Each fellow identified multiple tags (the keywords that appear as hashtags in the book) that associated with their amazing teaching moment. You can browse stories by using these tags that appear on the right sidebar of the amazing teaching moment posts. You can even search for common phrases that relate to your teaching through the search function.

In our fellowship, we embrace the motto, “EXPLORE. CREATE. SHARE.” So, please take time to EXPLORE this book and website. We hope you find the lessons overviews inspirational and will consider using them in your own practice or as foundations to CREATE your own take on the lessons. We encourage you to SHARE this website with friends, you can share this shortened link: Also, use the comments under each post to share your thoughts as well as feedback on your experiences with these ideas.

Whichever medium you take advantage of, we hope that you enjoy this compilation of wonderful, inspiring stories of teaching and learning!